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Bubble wala Huggies to keep your baby dry & comfortable.

Biểu đồ từ mang thai đến ngày sinh nở cần thiết

Parents have all been there – rushing to change diapers every time the little one poops or pees; wiping their bottom down with wipes and patting them completely dry. No one wants a dreaded wet diaper situation. After all, wet diapers = friction on the baby’s skin.

What if we told you there’s a diaper that could absorb moisture, keep the skin dry, and your baby’s bottom free of unnecessary friction? Introducing the best-ever Huggies Wonder Pants, India’s 1st diaper pants with Bubble-BedTM technology! This next generation diaper pant in lined with super soft 3-Dimensional bubble-like structures in the inside layer of the diaper. This 3-D Bubble-BedTM is so soft & fluffy that it feels like a bed against your baby’s skin. Moreover, it captures the wetness and spreads it out evenly - keeping your little one's bottom dry for a longer time.

Why is keeping your baby’s bottom dry so important?

A dry bottom means less friction on your baby's delicate skin, which means less skin irritation and more comfort! Diapers sometimes do not evenly spread out the urine and the runny poo that newborns have, causing it to accumulate in one spot, which makes the diaper heavy and uncomfortable. This also keeps the baby’s skin wet. A wet bottom causes friction, which can lead to:

  • Irritation on your baby’s delicate skin.
  • Red rashes on your baby’s bottom.
  • Chances of infection due to the lack of hygiene.

Young infants or newborns are very prone to infections mostly because their immunity is still not fully developed.

How can Bubble Wala Huggies help?

All parents are aware of the dreaded diaper rash and how uncomfortable it can become for the little one. Diaper rashes take a long time to heal and require a lot of care and attention. The new Huggies Wonder Pants with Bubble-BedTM can help reduce the occurrence of rashes.

  • The Bubble-BedTM locks in the moisture, evenly spreads it out instead of accumulating in one spot on the diaper and absorbs it down into the core.
  • The dry upper layer stays soft and smooth against the little one’s delicate bottom.
  • This reduces friction on the baby’s skin and reduces the chances of occurrence of diaper rashes.

It’s very important to ensure that your child’s skin remains healthy, particularly at the early stages of development. After all, it is a protective covering from the outer world. And a healthy skin means a healthy, happy and smiling baby!

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