Pregnancy and Ovulation Cycle Calculator

It can be helpful for women to know when they are likely to ovulate. As a way of building body awareness or as a tool to help boost their chances of conceiving, becoming ovulation aware is a good skill. After all, over the course of a woman’s reproductive lifetime, ovulation can occur as many as 460 times, so there are plenty of opportunity to practice.

Predicting ovulation can also be used to avoid conception, but bear in mind even women who are highly tuned into their body’s cycles can miss the signs that they are about to ovulate. Far from being exact, ovulation prediction weighs up the odds and at best provides a reasonably accurate idea. This is why most ovulation predictors come with a covering disclaimer – there are no guarantees. Most are described as a “best guess”, harmless means of boosting the odds of falling pregnant.

Our easy-to-use Ovulation Calculator below will help you predict your prime time for conceiving a baby. Learn about the different phases of your ovulation cycle, how your temperature can alert you to ovulation and many other interesting and useful facts and figures. The calculator is a great tool – especially when used while watching for your signs of ovulation.

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Ovulation calculator

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Ovulation Calculator

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Wondering when to conceive? Find out about the different phases of your ovulation cycle and predict your prime time with this easy tool.

Maio - 2016

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First day of your period
Start date of fertility
Likely conception date
Likely conception date
The most fertile day
Days to conceive
Day of fertility decreases
Implant date
Pregnancy test
16 Maio
First day of your period This is the start of your period. Click to learn more
27 Maio
Start date of fertility This is the day you begin to conceive. 
Click to learn more
28 Maio
Likely conception date Two days before ovulation, you have the ability to conceive on this day. Click to learn more. Click to learn more
29 Maio
Likely conception date two days before ovulation, you have the ability to conceive on this day. Click to learn more. Click to learn more
30 Maio
The most fertile day According to the information you provide, this is the day of ovulation so the ability to conceive on this day is the highest. Click to learn more.
31 Maio
Days to conceive One day after ovulation, you have a great chance of conceiving on this day. 
1 Junho
Day of fertility decreases Two days after ovulation, the ability to conceive on this day decreases.
2 Junho
Implant date If your egg is successfully fertilized, this is an approximate date when the sperm is implanted into the uterus.
9 Junho
Pregnancy test One week after fertilization, you should use pregnancy test to check whether the fertilization results are successful or no Click to learn more
8 Agosto
The end of the first quarter (1)
21 Novembro
At the end of the second quarter (2)
20 Fevereiro
Approximate birthday

Note: The calculator provides an estimate based on the information you provide and may not be accurate. Please seek advice from a medical professional if you are trying to conceive.


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