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Huggies New Born Diapers
Huggies New Born Range

  • Absorbs runny poo.
  • Air-fresh material that lets your baby’s sensitive skin breathe.
  • Super-stretchy material that fits your baby like a mother’s hug.
  • Wetness indicator that turns from yellow to blue to suggest that it’s time for a diaper change.
  • Cottony softness all round keeps your baby’s precious skin perfect.
  • Outstanding absorption for up to 12 hours wraps your baby in a world of comfort.

Huggies Wonder Pants

  • A truly soft inside layer which feels like a bed when the baby wears the pants.
  • An extra padding on the sides of the pants to help reduce leakage from the sides on to the baby’s thighs.
  • Next generation waistband to help protect the baby’s waist against red marks.
  • Absorbs for up to 12 hours to keep the baby’s skin dry and comfortable overnight.

Huggies Dry
Huggies Dry Taped Diapers

  • Allows free flow of air to keep your baby’s skin dry.
  • Stays dry all-night long so that the baby gets uninterrupted sleep.
  • Quick-lock system keeps wetness away from your baby's skin.
  • Blue speed dry layer absorbs wetness instantly.

Huggies Wipes
Huggies Wipes

  • Soap-free, paraben-free, mit-free and alcohol-free (ethanol and isopropanol).
  • Enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E - to help soothe and moisturize skin.
  • Contains natural fibres - 68 percent of each wipe is pulp, resulting in an absorbent clean.
  • Clinically tested to care for your baby’s sensitive skin.
  • Triple clean - thick, soft and absorbent for cleaner skin.

Huggies Dry Pants

  • A comfortable bed of absorbent bubbles for a soft & dry feel, all at once.
  • The 3D Bubble-BedTM in the inside layer of the diaper is super fluffy and provides cotton-like softness to the baby’s skin.
  • The 3D Bubble-BedTM ensures excellent absorption and spreads the wetness evenly leading to outstanding dryness.
  • Absorbs wetness and keeps baby dry and comfortable for a peaceful sleep overnight.