How to make your baby shower awww-mazing!

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How to make your baby shower awww-mazing!

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Here are a few kick-ass tips to turn your baby shower aww-mazing!

Alternative seating:

Floor cushions, ottomans, quilted rugs and stools are excellent every day usables and serve well when in need of extra seating too. So add a dash of style and comfiness with these home essentials.


Fresh flowers are an instant mood uplifter and also brightens up boring corners. A bunch of baby breath flowers can be the perfect charm to your baby shower.

Send out unique invites

Choose fun invitations instead of the usual pink/blue baby shower invites. For instance a Retro themed invitation would be quite fun to look at and definitely and eye candy.

Candy Decorations

Stage all that candy creatively! Candies are a must have at every baby shower. Ditch the usual candy plating and instead use innovative ways to present them at the candy bar. For instance: fill up mason jars with perfect flavor combinations of jelly beans or gummy bears, or set up a candy bar where your guests can make their own candy by combining various toppings on crackers.

Gift boxes

Baby shower gifts come in beautiful packages so why not stack these gifts and place them creatively on your centrepiece. This way it beautifies your room instantly and it’s also easier to conduct the gifts opening ceremony.

Onesie Decorating competition

Onesie decorating competition can be quiet interesting, you can ask your guests to decorate onesies, with messages/ thoughts they have for your little charm. This way every time your newborn wears a onesie there's a sweet memory attached to it.

Make use of the crib

For a cutesy themed baby shower, you can probably use a crib as a mini table to put the cake and other confetti.