Huggies Diapers keeps your baby in absolute comfort

A mother's hug is the most comforting for her baby. That's why we have taken inspiration from that very hug to craft our diaper pants.


Mom need hug too - Huggies
momneedshugstoo 18/02/2020


It’s time we took care of the world’s best caregiver. #MomsNeedHugsToo
momneedshugstoo 18/02/2020


A little help can go a long way. #MomsNeedHugsToo
Baby with mom
Bubble Wala Huggies 14/02/2020

Next generation diaper pants – Bubble wala Huggies

Nothing's more comfortable than a mum's love, care and hug. And it's in these magical things that we found inspiration for our new innovative offering - Bubble wala Huggies.

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