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7 Positions that can help you get pregnant.


Everyone has enough general knowledge about pregnancy, childbirth and labour but no one really wants to get into the nitty-gritty of conception. Sex is one of the most hushed-down topics when it comes to the conversation about pregnancy. This article will cover everything you need to know about how to get pregnant, intimacy and of course, sex positions for pregnancy. First, let’s have an understanding of what is the right time of the month to conceive.

Generally, there is a 5-6-day window every month when you are at your most fertile. This is also known as ovulation. Ovulation mostly takes place around 2 weeks before your next cycle starts. This could mean that you will ovulate during the middle of your cycle, if you have an average menstrual cycle of 28 days. This is the best time to enjoy sex as much as you can if you want to get pregnant faster. Research shows that even alternating having sex during ovulation gives a chance for your partner to recharge their sperm count and could lead to better chances of conception. An egg lasts only for a day once your ovaries have released it, but sperm can last up to 6 days, so there’s plenty of time to plan in advance. Using an ovulation calculator is an easy way to track when you will be most fertile!

Now we can talk about sex. Truth be told, any sex position that includes penetration is more than enough to conceive a baby. The astonishing thing is that there is no scientific evidence to prove which sex position works for conception and which doesn’t. However, there are some positions like sitting or standing that should be avoided because gravity will work against the sperm from travelling up into your cervix.

Here are some of the best positions to conceive a baby for you and your partner to experiment with:

  1. Missionary: This is the good old classic sex position that not only ensures deep penetration, but it is the best possible position for sperm to get closer to the cervix. Lying down on your back with a pillow under your bottom and your partner over you will help slightly raise the angle of penetration which encourages the sperm to travel downward into the cervix.
  2. Doggy style: Another commonly known pose, this one ensures deep penetration and increases chances of conceiving a baby. The woman is down on all fours while the man enters from behind her. This position also opens up the cervix more than any other, which always helps to get pregnant faster.
  3. Side by side: This is a more relaxing and romantic sexual position that also ensures deep penetration. Your partner can spoon you, or you could lie down face to face as well.
  4. Butterfly position: This is one of the more adventurous sexual positions that you could try out. The woman lies on a table with her back and hips raised with her legs on the man’s shoulders supporting her. The man stands before her and enters. This sexual position makes gravity work in your favour so that the sperms stay in the vagina for longer.
  5. CAT (Coital Alignment Technique): Just as comfortable as the missionary, the women lays on her back and spreads her knees in a way that her partner’s torso is between them. Then he enters and a rocking motion is done so that gravity can do its work to ensure sperm travel inward.
  6. Reverse cowgirl: This sexual position is one where the woman sits atop the man facing away from him and the man lies on his back and enters. It also ensures deep penetration with close contact to the cervix. This helps if you have a tilted uterus that aims backwards towards your rectum instead of forwards.
  7. Wheelbarrow: The woman has her arms down and her legs in the air, while her partner holds her legs by his thighs and enters her from behind. This can be a little tricky, but it can add some fun to your sex life, something that couples usually forget to have when trying positions to conceive a baby.

Does female orgasm have anything to do with getting pregnant faster?

It is obvious that men need to reach orgasm for pregnancy to occur, there is no evidence to prove that female orgasm will achieve conception faster or better. The cervix needs to contract slightly so that the sperm that has entered can travel inward for conception to take place. These contractions can be achieved whether the female reaches climax. Having said that, an orgasm makes you feel relaxed, happy and ensures pleasure and fun in the bedroom rather than just making it a chore for the woman. The fact that both you and your partner enjoy sex is very crucial for a happy and loving sex life and life in general. When couples start trying for a baby and experimenting with sex positions for pregnancy, it tends to become a task that needs to be finished and that makes such a special moment very monotonous. So, take your time and enjoy sex to the fullest!

Are there any specific positions for conceiving a baby boy or a baby girl?

Many people have theorized on this matter for long. We hear superstitions that our grandmothers tell us about different ways to know if you are carrying a girl baby or boy baby. But the truth, as you may have guessed it is that there is absolutely no way of determining which sexual position can result in a baby boy or baby girl. There is lack of scientific evidence and just going by reproductive biology- there is no way of telling! It’s all left up to chance and fate. And isn’t it so much better to wait and be surprised during childbirth? It’s one more thing to look forward to for when your little one arrives!


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