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10 Things to keep in mind for soothing your crying baby.

Biểu đồ từ mang thai đến ngày sinh nở cần thiết
  1. Patience is key: It is any parent’s instinct to try and discipline a crying child by being stern, but as a parent, it is best to keep cool.
  2. Preparation:  For a day-out or a trip, carry snacks and some of your baby’s favourite toys to help distract them. A handy tip: Introducing one toy at a time should keep your little one engaged when they have a bout of tears.
  3. Planning: Avoid planning things when you know your baby will be drowsy, tired or hungry. Try to plan activities for your child when they are in a playful, adventurous mood.
  4. Walking away: Spending time with your child is such a rewarding aspect of parenthood, but can get daunting at times. If your child’s crying is getting to you and you're starting to feel tense, take a deep, long breath and walk away for just a few minutes and clear your mind. Think of it as a time out, but for you!
  5. Provide comfort: Babies sometimes cry for no reason, and sometimes the best thing to do, is to do nothing. Keep comforting them and hopefully they’ll settle down in no time.
  6. Distractions: Use a diversion (favourite toy / a song / a way of cuddling) as quickly as possible when you sense your little one might throw a fit to distract them.
  7. Stick to what you know: Your baby, just like any baby will cry in public. It's their way of expression, and sure, this can be really tense. Try not to stress out, and don't change your method of dealing with tantrums. Studies have shown that a shift in tactics won't be successful in curbing those little outbursts.
  8. Check your baby: Sometimes, more often than not, a simple check will do wonders when your child is crying. Maybe they could be hungry, sleepy, tired or just need a quick diaper change.
  9. You aren't alone: Remember that parents all over the world go through what you do, and let this be another curve in the wonderful journey of parenthood.
  10. Positivity: As tough as it may seem, having a calm and positive outlook will be extremely rewarding in the later years of parenthood. Children are very intuitive and can sometimes pick up on their parent's moods, and you staying positive might help them stop crying!


Biểu đồ từ mang thai đến ngày sinh nở
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