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What Can Your Baby’s Heartbeat Predict About Its Gender?

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baby’s heart beat rate during pregnancy baby’s heart beat rate during pregnancy

The one thing that’s on every couple’s mind as soon as they get pregnant is, what will the sex of the baby be? It adds a lot of fun and of course anticipation to the 9 month long wait before you actually get to see your little bundle of joy. We hear superstitions galore when it comes to this. Some say the mother tends to have a yellow complexion if she’s carrying a boy, and a pink flush if it’s a girl.

At the end of the day, these are all grandmother’s tales that don’t really mean much. But, did you know a theory exists that states your baby’s heart beat rate during pregnancy can actually determine its sex?

This theory hypothesises that if the baby’s heart rate chart is less than 140 beats per minute, it means you’re having a boy and if it’s more than 140 beats per minute it means you’re having a girl. Sounds like such an inexpensive way of getting to know your baby’s sex, right? Truth be told, scientists have tried to put this theory to test and upon doing so realised that it is just a myth. The research shows that there is absolutely no correlation between your baby’s heart beat rate and its sex!

There are a lot of reasons as to why parents are so eager to know whether there’s a little boy or girl cooking inside! One of them is just pure curiosity. The anticipation of waiting for 9 whole months can get quite frustrating. From prenatal shopping, buying clothes for your little one, to painting your baby’s room or nursery, the sex reveal plays a very important and positive role in your journey of pregnancy. They are more common in the west, but gender reveal parties are also a major motivator for parents to find out the sex of their baby! Having your friends and family around to celebrate the coming of your little one with a sex reveal is such a warm and fun event! The baby predictor of gender will help with the planning of the party.

Now that we understand why it’s such an enigma for parents to know what the baby’s sex is, lets get into the scientific tests that are done that can actually determine the sex of your little one. Bear in mind, most of these tests are illegal and are punishable by crime in India, but it helps to know how they work.

  1. Cell Free DNA testing: This test is essentially done to rule out disabilities like Down Syndrome during early pregnancy. But it can also be used to detect the sex of the baby. It is a blood test that analyses the foetal DNA in the mother’s blood for further screening for different chromosome functions or conditions. This test can be done after the mother has finished 9 weeks of pregnancy. It uses the baby’s DNA to figure out whether it’s a boy or girl.
  2. Amniocentesis: This test again is done to rule out any abnormalities in the foetus during pregnancy. It is simply done by a sampling of amniotic fluid that is taken out by a needle inserted into the uterus. Sex detection can be done by this method as well.
  3. Traditional ultrasound: This is the most common way of determining the sex of the child. As we’re all aware though, in India it is illegal to use any of these methods to figure out the sex of the child. The doctor uses this to capture high frequency sound waves to create live images of what’s going on inside your uterus. This is how the baby’s sex can be detected, but you need to be well into your pregnancy to determine the sex through this test.

As mentioned earlier, there is no detectable difference between a boy baby  heart beat rate and a girl baby heart beat rate during pregnancy. But it is true that during labour, a girl baby’s heart beat rate can be faster than a boy’s for reasons unknown. However even with the medical tests, there is always a chance that the results are not accurate. There’s no way of truly knowing! When we look at the bigger picture though, it truly doesn’t matter what the sex of your little one is going to be. Parents all over only want one thing for their child- and that is good health. As long as your baby is healthy and happy, and your pregnancy goes smoothly, the sex reveal is just an added bonus that brings more joy during childbirth. The best things in life come from spontaneity after all!