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When to have a baby shower?

The journey to motherhood is priceless and planning a baby shower is the most beautiful way to celebrate and embrace the bump in all its glory.

The best time to roll out a baby shower is between 6 to 8 months i.e between 28 - 32 weeks of pregnancy. It is collectively believed that baby showers before 20 weeks of pregnancy and after 38 weeks of pregnancy is jinxed as the former is too early and the latter is too late. However, when you plan to have your baby shower is your sole decision. Baby showers are best when scheduled in the last two months of the trimester as, the expectant mum is much likely to feel more comfy and calmer. Also the guests at the party will not be worried about any excitement that may kick off the labour early.

Baby showers are essentially all about you. Hence it is important that you get to enjoy every bit of the planned event without feeling physically uncomfortable.

Here’s a heads up on situations you may encounter:

  1. Do you have any issues in your pregnancy that essentially suggests you take ample bed rest or are you at a pre-term risk? If so, it is best to roll-out your baby shower after your little one arrives as this avoids rush, uneasiness and uncalled stress.
  2. Are you having twins or multiples? Well, that’s great news but this also means you are more likely to deliver before week 37. So plan out your baby shower in accordance with your due date as you would not want to walk in to your baby shower flushed and exhausted.

All said and done, remember not to get distressed, troubled or anxious while you prepare and plan for the big party. Dear Mum-to-be, it’s your special day so get in the groove, kick-off your shoes and enjoy all the warmth, love and pamper!

Happy Motherhood! 



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