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Build Your Relationship As You Become New Parents

Dear new mums and dads, of course your baby’s welfare comes first. But a close second is your marital bond, and that’s important to the baby too.

Although research suggests that after the birth of a child the majority of new parents assume traditional roles—i.e., male as provider and female as caregiver—most don’t discuss these new roles.

Many new parents have unspoken expectations from their partners around what each should provide or do around the house. And, unspoken expectations can lead to conflict.

It is suggested that before having a baby, you and your partner should discuss household duties and “me-time” arrangements (i.e., time alone to decompress and rejuvenate) after the baby is born. Such planning will make your relationship stronger despite the new circumstances.


Pregnancy 1/23/2020

9 Week Ultrasound

Every pregnant woman is offered ultrasound scans during pregnancy. However, the number and timeline will be different for each woman. Your ultrasound schedule will depend on a few key factors, including: The progression and health of your...

Pregnancy 1/23/2020

8 Week Ultrasound

Your eight week ultrasound can be an exciting and apprehensive moment. If this is your first ultrasound you will be understandably anxious. Getting a glimpse of your baby for the first time is big. It’s important to remember that you have...

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Active Baby 1/27/2020

Bubble wala Huggies for Dry and comfy babies

Parents have all been there – rushing to change diapers every time the little one poops or pees; wiping their bottom down with wipes and patting them completely dry. No one wants a dreaded wet diaper situation. After all, wet diapers = friction...

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